Things to do on Valentines Day for different stages of your relationship

cool valentines day ideas for couples
Valentines Day might not be your cup of tea, as it puts added pressure on your relationship. But with careful planning and organization you can celebrate this romantic holiday in your own special way.

Make this year the year you say goodbye to old traditions such as the lame greeting card and disgusting, stale chocolates. By welcoming in some cool valentines day ideas to spruce up this special day, making it one for the memory books.

No matter what you plan to do, will depend on how long you have been together, etc. Here is a list of ideas for different stages of your relationship, to show them that you want to be their sweetheart on the sweetest day of the year.

1. You have just started dating

Generally, it is good to play it safe in the beginning of the relationship. One of the biggest mistakes men make for Valentines Day is underestimating the importance of this special date for women.

So men, invite her out for a nice dinner together and then maybe out for Valentines Day cocktails to add an air of romance to the night. If you have already been intimate, maybe make it a nightcap at your house. Get her in the mood by having a bouquet of roses for her at your place and the champagne chilling.

2. You have been having a rough patch

No matter how long you might have been together, you are bound to go through some rough patches in your relationship. Take this opportunity to write her a personalized letter expressing your heartfelt feelings and telling her how much you love her. But be careful not to use this letter as a moment to accuse her, etc.

Invite her to have a night out with you at her favorite restaurant or a wine tasting. Try doing something together on neutral ground, not at home. This will break up the routine and get the conversation following.

3. You have been dating for more than a year

One of the best Valentines Day ideas for couples are booking a quick get-away together. Start looking for cheap flight deals or if you can’t get out of the city, get a night booked at a luxury hotel with a couple’s spa package for the following day.

The idea is doing something together that will break up your daily boring routine to enjoy cupid’s day together.

4. You are broke

Whether you are recently hitched, had a baby or bought a house doesn’t mean because you don’t have the funds that you shouldn’t celebrate Valentines Day this year. There are many cheap options to tell your significant other how much you love her.

If you are married, try to recreate the day you were married, by buying or picking flowers that were used in her wedding bouquet, make her favorite meal and with music from the reception playing in the background. And if you can, get a miniature version of your wedding cake made as a surprise.

5. You forgot all about it and now its last minute

Sometimes last-minute plans are better than well-planned ones. Buy rose petals at the florist and get her a special necklace and a gift that she will have to search for, scavenger style around your house.

Order flowers to be delivered to her office, it might cost more but it will be worth every penny. Maybe, you can’t get a reservation for dinner for her favorite restaurant, so maybe take her there for lunch.

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Updated: January 4, 2019

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