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One thing we love about fall is that one style can take us from the office to an evening dinner with family. But fall fashion styles are already arriving at our favorite retailers, so its time to get started on preparing your fall essential wardrobe.

This fall you are going to love the fashion-focused styles that functional for staying warm as the colder months draw closer and are actually confortable to wear. Just scroll below to be inspired as you create a chic fall wardrobe and discover all the key items you need to stay warm this fall.

An Oversized Blazer

A blazer is an office wardrobe staple, as it comes in a wide variety of styles, prints and fabrics transforming itself into the most versatile item in your closet. It can easily be combined with other items to recreate a whole new look or style.

The Turtleneck

Turtlenecks will be your go-to tops this fall season. Be sure to grab a few turtlenecks for this fall with rusty orange and mustard tones. Plus turtlenecks give you the perfect chance to play with textures and layering. Try tucking your hair into your turtleneck for extra boost of trendiness.

Play peek-a-boo with tie-dye tee

Tie-dye has been really big this year and wants to stay around for another season or two. This trend doesn’t need to be used only on the weekends, try layering it under your office blazer and wear it to work for a splash of color and personality.

Black Trousers

The classic pair of loose fitting black trouser is a year-round essential that looks fantastic on everybody. Be sure to look for a wide-legged trouser with a cotton or wool blend. Also if you already own a pair of black wool trousers be sure to upgrade them once a year, as the black color tends to fade, leaving them looking washed out.

Minimalize Accessories

Last year it was all about exaggerating our style with accessories such as feathers, baubles and bows, all of which were very unpractical for the office, needless to say uncomfortable. This year has a more simplified, polished style with a simple accessories such a hoop earrings and sleek statement purse.

Button-Down Blouse

Modernize the classic button-down blouse by using it a layering piece instead of a shirt. Combine it with your favorite black or charcoal colored turtleneck and wear it under your blouse, but instead of buttoning your blouse all the way up, just half way up for contouring.

Bermuda Shorts

Not ready to put your shorts away for the season, then grab a pair of tailored Bermuda shorts that hit just below the knee. The secret to pulling off this look is wearing them with a stylish heeled sandal, boots or ankle booties to make this style office acceptable.

Pleated Skirts

Pleats are big this fall, so be sure to add one to your attire this fall. The pleats add a touch of femininity to your office clothes. Don’t be afraid to play with brighter colors or even plaids for this trend.

Cargo Pants

Rejoice because the beloved utilitarian cargo pants are back but with a more fitted style. Do wear your cargo pants when you need a break from your classic wool trousers and jeans. The new updated style is definitely office acceptable.

The Big Sweater

Fall and winter would not be the same without comfy wool sweater, just be sure to stick to neutral tones this season and avoid wearing last years grandma knitted sweaters.

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Updated: July 26, 2019

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