Perfect Abs Success is on Your Supermarket List

We have to tell you that doing sit-ups is not the only way to get perfect sit-ups. Quitting energy drinks or soft drinks and canned food and breathing correctly are part of the list of good habits that experts advise us to follow. From Power Food author Ren Kroes to Hollywood’s highest-paid actress, Jennifer Lawrence, it’s all about her.

They claim that only 40% of the results correspond to the series of abs in the gym, while more than 50% depend on your diet.

That’s why, in addition to including in your dishes the fat-burning properties of ginger, black pepper, cloves or turmeric, we share the list proposed by Glamour magazine that summarizes the 6 foods that are not missing in the women’s pantry plus FIT.

Supermarket List

1- Greek yoghurt

40% less sugar, 38% less sodium and more than twice as much protein (best for building muscle in your abdominal area): this is the compendium of properties that make a Greek yogurt much healthier than a traditional one. It is also a source of calcium and probiotics, which activate the intestine and exert important physiological effects.

2- Whey protein

It contains a large amount of essential amino acids that are quickly absorbed by the body. Benefits include fighting depression, balancing blood pressure, and even alleviating cancer symptoms. But the main one is their ability to increase physical strength, gain muscle and lose body fat.


Although all vegetables are suitable for not accumulating fat in the abdominal perimeter, there are some optimal for a flat stomach. This is the case with asparagus (especially without green asparagus): they are rich in protein and in prebiotic fibre, which gives them the coveted diuretic power to reduce swelling and fight against fluid retention.

4- Whole grains

Carbohydrates are essential to optimize your workout and reach your goals. Especially if they are whole grain, they reduce stomach fat and promote the creation of leptin, the satiety hormone that helps you not to eat more than you need. To define your abdomen, brown rice or yamani and wheat grains are best, because they are the most satiating and least harmful to people with sensitive stomachs.

5- Almonds

Protein and fiber are also contained in almonds. Its consumption regulates your blood sugar level, builds and maintains muscle tissue and has an amazing power to calm hunger. They are one of the nuts that contain the least (healthy) fat.

6- Green tea

The sum of the caffeine and the antioxidants it contains is perfect to achieve your goal: although both nutrients separately contribute to the reduction of body fat, combined they are a plus that you should certainly add to your workout. Ideally, you should drink it before exercising because it will block your fatigue thanks to the adenosine in caffeine, which transfers energy. And also, because it will increase the amount of oxygen your body uses as fuel when you make a physical effort thanks to EGCG, the main and most powerful antioxidant in green tea.

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Updated: August 21, 2018

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