Jump into Team Jeggings with These 5 Styling Rules

high waisted jeggings

Jeggings sometimes get a bad rap because of how certain people are wearing them. First off, we will explain a little about high waisted jeggings and how to make them work for you.

Only use high-rise jeggings, as they will provide a more flattering fit and provide extra compression to flatten that muffin top. Jeggings are basically skinny jeans combined into leggings, providing the best of both worlds. You can move, breathe, jump and stretch in them, all the while looking fantastic.

Plus, in the last year or two, jeggings have taken great strides in actually looking just like jeans. Actually, most models are almost impossible to tell them apart, as some have real buttons, authentic stitching, real zippers and back pockets.

High waisted jeggings are the best thing ever invented, but, only if you follow these 5 simple rules and remember that they are not pants but glorified leggings.

The rules of high waisted jeggings

  • Understand the basics
    Jeggings are technically neither jeans nor leggings. But when choosing a pair of jeggings look for a pair that is closer to the jean side than leggings. Look for a fabric that feels thicker and heavier.
    It should have a good stretch to it and a zipper and make sure that you can’t see your panty line under them. You want them to look more like jeans than leggings.
  • Hide that tosh
    Since they aren’t really jeans, you can’t expect to wear a short top with them. Some of us though, can pull of that look but for the rest of us, we will need to pair them with a long tunic or longer tops.
    Our goal is hiding any camel toe sightings and balancing your outfit proportions. The best balance is from the slimming bottoms and the loose unstructured top. If you want to create extra shape, you can wear a shorter jacket with the longer top.
  • Flatter your body
    Jeggings are designed to flatter your legs, and you can adjust the tunic or long top to conceal that parts that you aren’t too fond of. If you aren’t too happy with your thighs, look for a top that hits just above your knees.
  • It’s all about the shoes
    Jeggings cut off right at the ankle, making them look fantastic with all types of ballet or flat shoes such as loafers. But if you add a heel with your legging you take your simple jeggings to a supermodel look, making your legs look amazing!
  • Length matters
    Now, if the leggings are too long or short on you, you will not look like a supermodel, actually the opposite. Make sure you get them taken in if too long or if you have longer legs, look for a pair of high waisted jeggings designed for your leg length.
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Updated: August 21, 2018

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