Your Fashion Guide – How to Wear Leggings Without Looking Sloppy

Without a doubt we all enjoy dressing up and looking polished, but some days we just want to snuggle up in something a little more comfy. Our leggings are the ultimate cozy pants but if we don’t combine them correctly, we can end up as a sloppy mess.

There have been lots of fashion trends in the last few years but most have come and gone, but our beloved ladies leggings have weathered the storm and they are not going anywhere.

But have we mastered this comfy style? Well, the truth is even after all of these years, most of us keep making rookie mistakes while pairing this comfy pair of pants.

These simple mistakes we will discuss below. Keep reading to find out where you stand with womens fashion leggings.

women's leggings

How to Choose the Best Leggings

This might sound frivolous because all leggings are useful and they are the most versatile item in your closet (plus look great on, year round) but if you don’t wear them correctly you just might be flashing the world a camel toe.


Size is the most important part of this jigsaw puzzle, as they can’t be either too tight or too loose. They should fit your body snugly without making you look like you were sucked into a cocoon and not to mention, that you look sloppy.


As you have already noticed, women leggings come in different lengths, and each one should be worn appropriately in order that you look put together.

  • Full length: They should hit just below your ankle, giving you soft pleats around your shins. These look best when combined with long Indian kurtis, tunics, and long flowing tops and in winter with boots, of course.
  • 3/4 Length: They should hit a little lower than middle of your calf muscles and are not the best choice for a formal setting. Can be worn with short tops and just about everything else.
  • Ankle length: The sexiest of all leggings for women sit just above your ankle. You can wear this style with all kinds of footwear and slip dresses, tunics and jackets and capes.
  • Knee length: This style hits just under your knee and is mostly used for working out such as yoga, Pilates, walking, hiking and running.


The most common fabrics are cotton and Lycra, but feel free to experiment with leather and suede pants to take your outfit to a whole new level.

Colors and prints

In the past there were only black leggings but nowadays we have all the colors of the rainbow and some pretty wild animal prints out there. The rule of thumb with wearing colored and printed leggings is to make sure you are wearing a plain, monotone and neutral toned top.

How to wear leggings and look polished

Here are some simple hints on how to pull this look together and look sophisticated and elegant (nobody has to know how comfortable you are).

1. Add a splash of color
Tuck a neutral toned blouse into your black, leather high waisted leggings and wear a jacket that is the same tone as your top.

2. Leggings and boots
To pull of this look wear darker colors such as forest green top with an olive coloured jacket or tunic.

3. Office look
A white blouse will help you take your comfy leggings to the office in style. Accessorize with colors without going crazy.

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Updated: July 19, 2018

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