The Heat’s Here! Want Some Tips on How to Show Off Your Body?

Exercise is one of the main pillars to maintain our body”10”, but if it is not accompanied by a good diet, achieving this goal is impossible. As we know, all food must be based primarily on macronutrients, in addition to providing micronutrients and good hydration. There are many false tips on how to perform the bikini operation, which can lead to serious health problems, in addition to achieving the opposite effect.

Show Off Your Body

Recommended guidelines when performing the bikini operation

  • First of all, the essential thing will be to see what the goal we want to achieve is going to be; if this is about losing weight, the first thing we will have to do is to start a personalized diet with a certain amount of time, so that we can lose progressively and not so that we can get the opposite effect, which is known as the’yo-yo effect’. To do this, by observing our metabolic rate and observing the amounts of energy required by our body, we will make a balance of the total calories we need. Once known, we should introduce in our diet 500Kcal less than we need. In this way we will progressively lose out.
  • Secondly, we will ignore from our diet those foods that contain a high percentage of energy that are not indispensable in our diet, such as sweets, alcohol, soft drinks, fried or sauces among others.
  • In the same way, we will reduce the consumption of food that is indispensable in our diet but that provides us with a high consumption of energy, such as: nuts, oily fish, excess oil or red meat, among others.
  • We will try to avoid the miracle diets above all else, as they will make us eliminate weight very quickly, but, immediately finished, we will begin to obtain the opposite effect.
  • We must continue to eat varied menus, alternating all kinds of foods, so we must avoid diets that contain only the same dishes for the simple fact that they are low in kcal, such as salads or low calorie foods.
  • Avoid taking diuretic drugs. There are diuretic foods that naturally facilitate the elimination of liquids such as pineapple, artichoke or infusions.
  • Perform progressive aerobic exercise, trying not to overload our body so that we avoid injuries.
  • Hydration will be of vital importance, as temperatures rise at this time of year and there is a risk of dehydration. We should therefore avoid taking the loss of fluid through sweating as a guideline for weight loss. This act will only have negative consequences for our organism.

To take home

  • We must be careful with the summer operation, because if it is not done in a controlled way, it can have serious health consequences.
  • Exercise accompanied by a proper diet is essential to achieve the goals we want in our body.
  • The diet should be based on macronutrients as well as taking into account vitamins, minerals and essential hydration for our body.
  • Eliminating foods that provide us with unnecessary energy or avoiding commercial drugs that promise us miracles are some of the guidelines we should follow when considering taking care of ourselves for the summer.

Because this summer you’ll be better than ever, it’s time to show off your body!

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Updated: February 11, 2019

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