How to give yourself a confidence boost in less than 5 minutes

What is confidence? Most of can easily describe how we feel when we lack confidence, but when it comes time to explaining what confidence is exactly, we are lost for words.

Most of think that confidence is an elusive personality trait that some have and others just don’t. Often when things don’t go how we planned, we blame it on the fact we just didn’t have enough confidence.

But actually we all have the power to be more confident; we just need to learn some simple little tricks to temporarily make us feel more confident. Little by little it will become part of your personality. The best part is confidence also makes you look more beautiful!

Stand Tall


Your body is constantly sending messages to your brain and vice versa, telling it how you feel. Studies have proven that erect posture is often associated with a ‘feel good’ mood. But people with slouched postures were more negative about themselves. By standing or sitting straighter you can actually change your overall mood, making you more confidant. Plus good posture makes you look taller, slimmer and confident.

Admire yourself


Research has shown that when people are unhappy with themselves in general, they tend to have low self-esteem. So, instead of focusing on your features that make you feel insecure, pick out a feature that you like about yourself such as your eyes, nose, smile or whatever you like. When you look in the mirror focus on those points and brain will sense you are looking at something that pleases you. So it will send a message to your brain, which will lift your entire mood.



We all prefer smiling faces to a grumpy face. Smiles actually use more muscles than frowning, so it is like a workout for your entire face. Plus every time you smile, you send positive endorphins to your brain, which gives you an instant boost of confidence and positivity. Plus the more you smile, the more people smile back at you, which will keep you feeling happier longer.

Be thankful


Stop deflecting complements because you don’t think you deserve them, and just say thank you. By saying thank you, we are telling our brain: ‘yes, I rock and I deserve that’. This allows you to feel better about yourself, instead of talking yourself down. So next time someone tells you that your eyes have a beautiful sparkle, just say thank you.

Wear a splash of color


We are not telling you to slip on the fuchsia jumpsuit you have stuffed in the back of your closet for Halloween. Just add a splash of color by wearing a colorful scarf or oversized necklace to your dreary black and grey wardrobe. The best mood lifting colors are warm tones such as yellow, orange and bluish tones.


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Updated: March 7, 2019

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