Are you Battling the Pre-Holiday Bulge? Wrap Yourself in a Slimming Bodysuit

Shapewear includes a multitude of slimming, body firming and sculpting undergarments such as this year’s must-have bodysuit. Tackle this holiday season battle with the bulging waistline, by giving yourself an instant tummy tuck.

Are you struggling to discover new ways to conceal those love handles or that muffin top for that office party or Thanksgiving dinner with the family? Women worldwide have discovered that slimming body shapers are the easiest way to slim down and enhance your physique, plus improve your posture.

Why wait till the New Year to make a new resolution about losing weight, when you can look thinner today? Here is everything you need to know about choosing the best style of bodysuit for shape issues.

slimming body shaper

Busty shape

The issue: Most women who have a bigger bust have a problem wearing a simple button-down shirt because the buttons tend to gap open and the shirt looks like it is a size too small.

The solution: You have probably heard of the magically, wonderful women’s bodysuits but the key is finding one that doesn’t flatten or push-up your girls. Look for styles that come with a built-in bra or that comes with straps and sits right under your chest.


The issue: Who of us doesn’t love how a sleek pencil skirt looks, but if you have a small waist with fuller thighs, you know how hard this style is to pull off.

The solution: Does the idea of wearing shapewear over your nylons seem cumbersome? Don’t worry, you are not alone that is why one of the most popular pieces of shapewear for wearing under the ultra feminine pencil skirt is the boy short full bodysuit that slims and tones down your thighs. The result is looking ten pounds slimmer and polished.

Tummy bulge

The issue: That tummy bulge, no matter how big it is, it can leave clothes looking bulky and sloppy on us, often making us look 10 to 20 pounds heavier than we really are.

The solution: The classic body shaper will slim down your midriff, helping that bulge to practically disappear, at least while you are wearing your secret undergarment. Look for styles that come with a built-in bra, so you will have less bulk on your torso.

bodysuit for womenMuffin Top

The issue: Do you love your jeans but hate that little muffin top that suddenly pops up every time you wear them? Are you not desperate enough to embrace the mom jean look?

The solution: If you have ever worn shapewear briefs with jeans, you know that it only pushes that muffin top up higher, making you look even heavier. If you want to whittle that waist away, then look for a bodysuit that comes with straps and sits right under your chest and can be worn with your bra.

Slimming bodysuits are the sexier version of those granny panties. Many styles can actually be worn as the outer top. Designers have gotten quite creative with lace, power net mesh and floral embroidery, transforming them from embarrassing undergarments to something extremely flattering and feminine.

So, the solution to the overwhelming ‘body image issue’ for the upcoming season of having to look great is the bodysuit. What are you waiting for? Get going and find the best one for you and your body and wear it and get comfortable in it. Enjoy looking smooth and gorgeous!

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Updated: November 20, 2018

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