6 Things you need to pack on your summer vacation

Impending vacations are meant to be relaxing but with the planning, organizing and packing, they can quickly transform into panic attack. Work projects, requesting time off and flight changes can all take a toll on your holiday mood before actually setting sail. But honestly, the last thing we need to stress about is packing our suitcase.

Here are five essential items to toss into your suitcase, next time you are ready to get out of town, even if it is for a weekend getaway.

1. A day and night shoe

Nowadays, checking your bag is a luxury that most of us can’t afford. For this reason, it is important to consider how many shoes you really need to bring. Only pack shoes that can play the double-duty role. Your best choice is a wedge because it is comfortable enough to be worn all day but still dressy enough go dancing at night.

2. A pair of relaxed fit jeans

Most of us consider blue jeans to make up the cornerstone of most of our ensembles. But, often we forget to throw them into our suitcase, reasoning that we will need something a little more upscale. Vacation is about being off-duty and jeans are a must have. Choose your favorite pair that can be worn more than once.

3. The perfect bag for all of your essentials

If we were to ask Goldilocks what would be the perfect travelling bag, she would reply: “not too big, not too small!” Look for a bag that can hold all your essential items comfortably and still have a little extra room for a bottle of water or an umbrella. Get into the vacation spirit by opting for a bag that has a bright color or bold print that you wouldn’t normally use.

4. A versatile skirt

Two-piece ensembles are your best choice for travelling as it gives you double your buck when you are packing. You can combine your skirt with different tops for a whole new look or wear it with your swimsuit for a stroll along the beach.

5. Tummy-tucking brief

One of the main reasons we tend to over pack when travelling is because we know that we that we are going to be eating and drinking more than normal and our clothes won’t quite fit right. Avoid this by bringing a pair of tummy tucking shapewear panties to conceal that bloated tummy. This way, you don’t need to bring those ‘fat-day’ pants.

6. Sneakers for exercising and as a fashion statement

If you plan on hitting the gym this holiday, then don’t forget to throw in a pair of sneakers. But if you want to wear then while traveling make sure they double on the athleisure side so you can wear them out and about. Althleisure sneakers can be worn with skirts instead of sandals or flats for a trendier look.

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Updated: April 25, 2019

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