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It’s easy to gain a few pounds after the holidays. All that food and beverages and the lack of routine makes your belly grow and your workouts be sparser. Well, luckily, you don’t have to hide out in your home and don’t go out to parties and dates until you lose that extra weight, because your wardrobe choices can help you out.

It’s not a secret – especially for the girls – that a high waist pants and other clothes can hide what you want to hide and now we’ll present an extra so you can shape your waist and thighs and remodel your body and be beautiful in your day to day or special occasion.

With this tummy control lace panty you get exactly what the name suggests. Made of elastic fabric that stretches in your body, this product is great because it gives you excellent lines, has a variety of nice colors to fit your other choices and it’s very comfortable. Your body will standout with a slimmer silhouette and you can rest assured that this panty won’t standout and be noticed since it eliminates visible pantie lines.

Favworld shaping panty

With the High Waist Plus Size Shaping Panty you will get a different result. This panty is bigger and aims to cover the belly fat with more efficiency, covering also your belly button. This product is for plus size girls that want to slim the stomach and get a more slimmer silhouette.

This shaping pantie also will lift your butt and is perfect to use with a dress, since it has a more comfortable fabric and fits better than a pants-shirt combination.

Many people don’t use this type of product because some years ago it was made of an uncomfortable fabric that made the area sweat and even causing some itching. You can forget that now. This shaping panty is made of light skin, breathable fabric that doesn’t show up with clothes on and won’t make you regret in a restaurant that you decided to use this piece of cloth.

But even if you will cover up with nice clothes, a beautiful dress or a sexy shirt, there’s no reason to spice it up with your shaping panties. This model, also with a high waist but with a new design is disappearing from our store since it’s so cute and with personality. And you can have it in several colors like pink, purple and even red. If you have a date and want to give a nice surprise when you get home, this model is perfect for that, working as a lingerie.

One thing that is important to notice and talk about this shaping panty is that they also help you get a nicer posture, working your lower back and giving your spine a better angle when you walk and sit. This last product also helps with postpartum and can help you avoid the pain of that condition.

Last but not least, we also have a comfortable and cool bamboo fiber pantie that works well with your silhouette and also eliminates visible panty lines. With several colors in stock like purple, light blue and light skin, if you have to use white pants or a white dress, this piece have excellent fabric with the super soft and breathable bamboo fiber. It’s also hypoallergenic, has odor-resistance and moisture-wicking, eliminating the possibility of bacteria growth.

In Favworld always look to provide the best products, with comfortable fabric to not only help you dress for all occasions but make you comfortable all day, every day. Be beautiful and comfortable is our motto.


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